1. A morning walk and Alternate nostril breathing. I love the mornings I get to the park.

2. The secret life of plants, its a book, it taught me to be kind, that there is life energy in all of the world, I guess it made me say thank you to my salad before I eat my salad.

3. loyal friends

4. Soma- yes the chocolatier.  At first I was like move faster, I want need have to have hot chocolate on a February morning like this morning.  Then I learnt my lesson, its time, a hot chocolate made with care, is a piece of care and time, and so delicious.  Thank you Soma.

5. ”any attempt to represent the world cannot see that it embraces a void” Julia Kristeva, I love a literal interpretation of this quote, take all else away, and read just the words, only the one sentence, that’s what I like.  As an artist I try to represent the world, my interpretation, or perspective, or vision.  Can you see that where this quote is concerned it is nothing, everything but nothing.  There is no way to represent the world.  No one or group or anyone can do it.  All we can do is see that fact together.  Anything that i make is tarnished with my perspective, which can be good but sometimes bad and ugly.

6. Swimming, it calms my nerves, its like in the air I’m on mars, and the water holds me close bringing rest and respite.

7.Technologies Of Intuition, published by YYZ- I felt less alone when I read this book.

8. The Guest Cat, its a book, its simple delicate and true.

9.Movement- I like watching people and things move, I also like it when stillness sets in.

10.Mercury- It’s a liquid, I’m inspired when I watch it move,  maybe because it is a hard to get poisonous liquid.

11.Citizen Jane, The New Yorker,  MariMekko in 1960, and scalloped hems.

12. egg yolk yellow.

13. Patterns and when they dissolve. In my brain, on fabric, of objects they are multiples.

14. Translucency, light energy, and shrouded ness, acting as a connective web.

15. A cup of tea, and a bike ride.

16. Not knowing, relishing in and admitting uncertainty, I love I don’t know.

17. Loosing my mind, “ an intellectuals greatest nightmare” not being able to trust your own mind.  I teaches me faith in other knowing.  It teaches me to see myself as worthy no matter what.  It teaches me that I can still do anything I want.  It shows me my weakness, hurt, and hell, and teaches me how not to give in to it.

18.  Yoga, Delphi, and psychic stuff. It’s funny I’m so curious about it. Sometimes I think I should just put out cards and give insights.  I feel however, that one has to see it for themselves.  If you want to see your future know yourself. I’m a yoga teacher, its the method I have chosen to explore myself. I can’t teach anyone to know them selves, one has to do that them selves.   All I can do is say that I’m on a journey to know myself. As a teacher I can teach some tools, and methods, that yogis have used in the past to know them selves. I guess that’s enough said.

Thank you for listening to my inspirations, peace.

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