April 2019

Sometimes things fall apart. This is an exploration into an explosion, the elements, and the stillness. It is also I think my last series of paintings as I think I’m going to move on to textiles, installation, video, and experiment with new media, material and methods.

Series 1- 18 x 20”

Series2- 12×20”

Series3- 14×16”

Series4- 20×22”

Series5- 18×20”

Series6- 2×2’


Series7- 16X20”


Series8- 16×22”



Series9- 14×18”



Series10- 60×48”



Series11- 3×3’






  1. I love this series! It’s completely so much like you! i think it’s nice you’ve explored with everyday materials, but I am also looking forward to your move into textiles and materials.

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