April 2019


Sometimes things fall apart. This work is primarily an aesthetic experiment and trial or exploratory learning of what it feels like when things end. The stillness and pause, missing gravity or ground, the natural and unassigned nature of the elements of the work. The pieces are at times delicate and fragile and at other times explosive and strong.

Series4- 20×22”

Series 1- 18 x 20”

Series2- 12×20”

Series3- 14×16”

Series5- 18×20”

Series6- 2×2’

Series7- 16X20”

Series8- 16×22”

Series9- 14×18”

Series10- 60×48”

3 thoughts on “Combustion

  1. I love this series! It’s completely so much like you! i think it’s nice you’ve explored with everyday materials, but I am also looking forward to your move into textiles and materials.

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