This work is a response to and a sitting with uncertainty. It is my finding the ability to be strong, and gain confidence, despite my feelings of the vast uncertainty life has to offer us. It is an embrace and comprehension of this uncertainty and moving forward with strength, that has brought about these paintings. It is a form of healing, and a finding of decisiveness, in my own internal environment that for so long was very unstable.

The work evolved aesthetically to not include a background other than the panel, to portray my feelings of exposure. To include shapes with and without borders, sometimes with half borders, to reflect the fact that you don’t have to be defined to exist, that nothing is fully contained. They include various textures, and forms, of work from bush, to blowing and sprinkling dry pigment, to pouring medium dissolved pigment, to straight from the tube wasteful use of paint, contradicting the stark background. Allowing for transparency at times, and thickness at times. Combining these techniques and uses of expression, sit along side with the sense of not knowing who or what I am, lack of definition, and lack of choosing one technique in a single work.

I suppose they also sit alongside not knowing what existence is, the disintegration of fact, and what will unfold in the future, and how we can not really define, or quantify anything. Yet, despite that, there they are, at times with commanding strokes, contrast, and catharsis. Physical objects, speaking in a very subtle way to the fact, that some objects and thoughts are very tangible, that they where carefully decided on and executed, that decisions where made to create them, and despite all of the uncertainty, they are now dry and hard as stone.

“Splash” 3×3 feet oil on panel
“Decisions, and Indecisions”  3×3 feet oil on panel
“Stark” 3×3 feet oil on panel
“Borders” 3×3 feet oil on panel
“rough” oil on panel
“Spilt” 3×3 feet oil on panel
“Uncertainty” 3×3 feet oil on panel

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